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Chances are, if you have surfed your way to this page, either your last name is Mardis or you are a descendant of Mardis.  These pages are about the Mardis family roots and genealogy.  While much of the site centers around my Pennsylvania ancestry, there is a load of information about Mardis's in general.  Regardless of from which "clan" you hail or which specific states or countries you are researching, I'm sure that you'll find it interesting!

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Relatively speaking, there are not a lot of Mardis's around.   It certainly is not the most common of names.  What is it's origin?   Who knows for certain!   Many have told me that it is a Greek word.   Some believe that the name is a modified version of "Marders", which is English.  The company which provided me the Mardis Crests imply that the name is of both Spanish and of French origin.   I have had a Mardis tell me that the name is German;  and most recently, a Mardis I contacted was sure that the name Mardis was of Irish origin!
It's also evident that there is a caucasion side of the family as well as an afro-american side.
We seem to be a family with little knowledge of our distant heritage.   If you are reading this and are a Mardis descendent, I welcome any additional information, history, and supporting evidence that you may have.

With the advent of the internet and email, the urge to search out links to my heritage has been newly sparked, and I have really enjoyed putting this site together.   I hope you enjoy it as well.  While the site may lean towards my own side of the family, there is something here for ALL descendants of Mardis.  Perhaps as you view my own lineage, you may come across an ancestor that coincides with your own. I've been able to trace back not quite three centuries, but that's likely far enough to link with some of you.   I would imagine that most folks know little of their genealogy beyond perhaps two generations; but for those of you who do, please take a look at my own lineage and let me know if yours matches somewhere along the way!

Note that the data contained in the pedigree charts comes mostly from research others have done, including some 30 year old compilings from my Grandfather, Paul Lester Mardis.  I do not guarantee the accuracy of these descendant lines, but will use this as a starting point as I continue to maintain and update this website.  Therefore, your feedback is very important.  Please "agree to disagree" with my content, and forward to Me any additions, corrections, relevant info, or source data that you may have.

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