Below you will find a collection of "quips, quotes, and comments", true or not, that somehow stand-out or appear interesting or relevant to the Mardis heritage.  These comments come from email correspondence, online forums, our own forum page, or from our guestbook comment section.

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*   March 06, 2003   Randy Mardres  

Our research does show Marder, (along with Mader and Madder), as English and a strong indication that Thomas Marder who left England in 1676 is our Thomas Marders in Westmoreland County Virginia.
We believe all names derive from the red, madder dye commonly used in early England and our ancestors would have been associated with the Weavers, Dyers and Fullers.
Mardres is a later variation from my grandparent's generation. Before society invented standardized spelling Marders and Mardis were, on more than one occasion, used interchangeably on documents in Virginia and points west.

*   February 05, 2003   Al Mardis  

Thomas Mardis, as far as I've been able to determine, was the first Mardis in PA, settling in Little Cove in the 1770's.  A Thomas Mardis was resident in Frederick Co., VA in the 1760's.  If these are the same man, then Thomas was probably born in VA.

*   December 19, 2001   Sandy Mardis Stratil  

Mardis, as I understand the story, came from Marders, which is English.  William Marders fought in the Revolutionary War (my ansestor) and they seem to have changed it or perhaps it was misspelled in writing a document (since many people could not read and write in those days).  By the time he came to Kentucky, he was known as Mardis.

*   Late 1800's   Unknown  

Reference to Origin of Mardis - This excerpt from Cambria County PA Biographies:
"B.F. Mardis, DDS., (Benjamin Franklin Mardis) the subject of this sketch, is a successful dentist of Johnstown, Pennsylvania.  He is a son of Samuel J. and Eliza (Morgan) Mardis. The father died in 1881, but the mother, who is now seventy-one years old, lives in Indiana county, on the old homestead.  The ancestors of Dr. Mardis were of German origin.  His paternal grandfather was Joseph Mardis. Samuel J. Mardis was born in Bedford county in 1812."


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