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Day 50:The Land of the "Ioway" Indian
Evansdale, Waterloo, Cedar Falls, Delbert, Nashua, Plainfield, Charles City, Elk Run Heights & Waverly


Evansdale Mayor John Mardis led a colorful display of citizens as he hosts the Mayorthon.
Despite the rain, Waterloo Mayor John Roff  <right> came out to accept the First Familiy Pledge baton from Special Team Mayor Ike Gabbard and then sign the pledge <below>.

As the Mayorthon team ventured onward, Special Team Mayor Ike Gabbard and the rest of the Millennium Mayorthon crew were encouraged by the sight of the organ donation message on billboards around Iowa.

Nashua Mayor Deanne Lantow <left> and Delbert Mayor Floyd Vokes <right> took time out of their busy day to support organ and tissue donation.

Though she has had two transplants and needs another, Kendra Deike <right> participated with Plainfield Mayor Dick Poppe in the Millennium Mayorthon
Kendra Deike and several friends watched as Mayor Dick Poppe signed the pledge.
Mayor Jim Eeb
 had fun when
 the Mayorthon
 visited Charles City.
Elk Run Heights Mayor Wm. Henninger led the group when it entered his town late in the afternoon. 

Waverly Mayor Ike Ackerman
ended the 50th day of the Mayorthon by signing the pledge placard.
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