LEGEND A5 A9 Mary Mardis A13 A15 A17 A19
Blue color indicates offspring. B5 B9 Sarah Mardis B13 B15 B17 B19
Pink color indicates Wife. C5 C9 Susan Mardis Eve Mardis C15 C17 C19
Arrows are direct line to me ___ D5 Sarah Mardis D9 Katy Mardis Alfred Mardis D15 D17 D19
E1 E5 Elizabeth Mardis Sarah Mardis Samuel L. Mardis Amos Mardis E15 E17 E19
F5 John X. Mardis Samuel Mardis Thomas Mardis Elizabeth Mardis Leslie Mable Mardis F17 Paul Howard Mardis
G1 G5 Anna Mardis Elizabeth Mardis John Mardis Catherine Mardis Percy P. Mardis G17 James William Mardis
H1 H5 Thomas Mardis David Mardis James Mardis Charles W. Mardis Earl J. Mardis Connor Marie Mardis Michael John Mardis
I1 James Mardis Thomas Mardis Raymer Mardis Raymour Mardis Leroy Mardis Thomas Earl Mardis Stephen Earl Mardis
J1 Thomas Mardis
b. 1749 in King George, Va ????
d. Bef. 1820 in Franklin County, Pa
___ George Mardis
b. 1767 in Cumberland Cty, Pa
d. 1845 in Brush Valley, Pa
___ Joseph S. Mardis
b.1789 - Franklin County, Pa
d.1843 - Indiana County, Pa
___ Joseph Duncan Mardis
b.1826 - Indiana County, Pa
d.1903 - Salineville, Ohio
___ Martin Luther Mardis
b.Nov. 2, 1859 - Cambria County, Pa
d.1914 - Clarksville, Arkansas
___ Paul Lester Mardis
b.1888 - Lisbon, Ohio
d.1969 - Hendersonville, NC
___ Martin W. Mardis
b.1921 - Fayetteville, Arkansas
___ David W. Mardis
b.1958 - Raleigh, NC
K1 Thomas married Eleanor Cheeks in abt 1762 in Franklin Cty, Pa.
Their children were George, James, Thomas, Anna, John X., Elizabeth and Sarah.
George married Susanna Moore in 1788 in Bedford County, Pa.
Children were Joseph, Thomas, David, Elizabeth, Samuel, and Sarah.
Joseph married Mary (Polly) Berringer
Huge family here!... Joseph Duncan, Raymer, James, John, Thomas, Samuel L., Katy, Susan, Sarah, and Mary.
Joseph married Elizabeth Jane McNutt, his 1st wife.
Children were Raymour, Charles W., Martin Luther, Catherine, and Elizabeth
Martin married Hattie Leona Jackman
Children were Leroy, Earl J., Percy P., Paul Lester, and Leslie Mable.
Paul married Verna Louise Conner.
Children were Martin William, Thomas Earl, and Connor Marie.
Martin married Laura Harrington Howard.
Children were Paul Howard, James William, Michael John, David Warren (me) and Stephen Earl.
David here... Yep, that's me.
I married Jean Ellen Hatfield in 1986..
We have no Children. But the buck won't stop here... Paul, Jim, Michael and Steven all have children.
L1 L5 Catherine Stophel (Or Dickey?) - 2nd Wife.
No children together.
Ellen Duncan - 2nd wife.
Their children were Amos, Alfred, and Eve.
M1 M5 3rd wife was Eve. Last name unknown.
No Children
Generation 1 Generation 2 Generation 3 Generation 4 Generation 5 Generation 6 Generation 7 Generation 8