Are you just beginning to investigate your family history?  I hope that this page of links and resources will be of help to you.  Happy hunting!

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  • NATIONAL GENEOLOGICAL SOCIETY - This site is fee based.

  • FEDERATION OF GENEOLOGICAL SOCIETIES - This site is also fee based.

  • CYNDI'S LIST - Links to more than 41,200 sites. Wow!

  • ANCESTRY.COM - Loads of links, plus Social Security Death Index containing over 60 million death-benefit payment records.

  • GENWEB PROJECT - Volunteers nationwide provide links to state and country records.

  • ROOTS WEB - The internet's oldest genealogy site lets you see who's looking for the same surnames that you are looking for!

  • GENEALOGY.COM - How-to lists, megalinks, and news for genealogy buffs.

  • DISTANT COUSINS - Initiate searches in all parts of the world.

  • ELLIS ISLAND - Search immigrant records for those relatives who entered the USA through Ellis Island, New York.

  • THE MORMONS - Salt Lake City, Utah. Mormon records of 2 billion people in 64 countries... The worlds largest collection!

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  • NEW ENGLAND HISTORIC GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY - No Web-site link. Boston. At 150 years, this is the nation's oldest
         society. It's 3,500 linear foot manuscript collection stresses material from New England, Britain, Ireland, and French Guyana.

  • AMERICAN ANTIQUARIAN SOCIETY - Worster, Mass. Huge holdings include newspapers from 1704 to 1820 and 75% of all
         1st and 2nd century American printing. (508-755-5221)

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  • AMERICAN RECORDS RESEARCH SERVICES - San Fransisco. Contains thousands of family histories; state, regional, county,
         and town histories; and city directories. (415-731-4477) Fee based.

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  • ALLEN COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY - Fort Wayne, Indiana. Contains nearly half a million printed volumes and microfilm, with
         good records on Europeans, Native and African Americans. (219-421-1225)

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  • DAVIS LIBRARY - No Web-site link. Birmington, Alabama. Samford University's collection has extensive church records,
         newspapers, and manuscripts on Alabamans and other Southeasterners, with a focus on Irish history. (205-870-2749)

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  • NATIONAL ARCHIVES AND RECORDS - Ground zero for U.S. roots hunters. Contains ships records, censuses, naturalization,
         military, and pension records. Also contains Native American tribal information, land records, passport records, and
         homestead applications dating back to the Revolution.

  • DAR - No Web-site link. National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Especially strong in exclusive cemetary
         indexes, data on graves of Revolutionary soldiers and lineage compiled over time the the DAR. (202-879-3229)

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  • JEWISH - This site is attuned to specific patterns and customs, such as the Habsburg and Russian mandates that
         Jews adopt national surnames, the early Jewish tradition of passing the mother's maiden name in a religious marriage
         rather than the father's in a civil one, and the tendency among early Jewish immigrants to Americanize their long, ethnic
         sounding names.

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  • CCHARITY and NYPL - Slave marriages were not recognized, so family decendants of Africans living in America prior to 1870
         were often not recorded. But good paper trails do exist for black freemen who came as ship's crew members, not slaves. Hunt
         through these sites., and

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  • ARCHIVES - Since privacy legislation mandates that census data cannot be released for 92 years, the latest census
         information that is available is from 1901. Other records can be costly and difficult to locate, but begin the search for Canadian
         birth, death, marriage and other records at this site.

  • NEW BRUNSWICK - Search the provincial archives of New Brunswick, Canada.

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  • NARA REGIONAL - Find immigrants who entered the U.S under assumed names during the exclusionary period (1882-1943),
         when interrogation records show only adopted names.

  • CHINESE RESOURCES - For limited access to the original Chinese family histories from the Ming and Qing dynasties.

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  • DENVER PUBLIC LIBRARY - No Web-site link. Bloodlines, blurred by intermarriages, name changes, and the dominant use
         of matronymics - can be difficult to trace. The Denver Public Library houses 20,000 specialty volumes, plus periodicals,
         clippings, and charts on early Spanish history.

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  • SLNSW - Early census records were destroyed because people feared discovery that their ancestors had been
         convicted felons. Crime records from the 1800s may include vital stats, including details of the offence.

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  • TOWN HALLS - No Web-site link. Each of Italy's 20 regions has its own archives, usually in the capital, which houses birth,
         marriage, and death certificates dating back to the 1860s. No websites; records are available only by visiting town halls
         and archives.

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  • ORIGINS - First among nations to put all of its records online, Scots Origins is a must see for anyone with clan ties.

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  • CBG - Relaxed privacy laws make this the easiest site of all European countries to scour for details.

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  • GEN-UKI - As it's name implies, GEN-UKI explores roots throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.

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  • YOUR IRISH ROOTS.COM - Irish Genealogy research. Irish surname history and Irish Coat of Arms,Ancestor Reports,
        Information on tracing your Irish Ancestors and much more!

  • IRISH ROOTS.NET, and IRISH ROOTS.COM - Both a GREAT starting place for search services., and

  • GEN-UKI - As it's name implies, GEN-UKI explores roots throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.

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