Oh that elusive Mardis Coat of Arms!...
Most on-line companies, including family-crests.com, have been unable to locate a family crest for MARDIS.
Many Mardis crests floating around are, I believe, often bogus or dubious at best.  I have been able to find 2 crests from the "Coat of Arms Store" in Spokane Washington, one of French origin and the other of Spanish.  In order to quell my skepticism, the management of this company explained to me the following:
"We deal only in accurate coats of arms.  We are the largest coat of arms dealer in the world, and own all franchises available."

So...   If you have a crest for the Mardis family that differs from these, please let me know.  Until then, I shall "assume" that these are legitimate.

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This website is for all Mardis descendants to use and enjoy...
Please feel free to copy the images above and use them in any way you wish!
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Mardis Coat of Arms

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