I am David W. Mardis, born in Raleigh, North Carolina August 25, 1958.
I am married to Jean E Hatfield, and we are both alive and kicking.
Jean and I have no children.

Pictured to the right is my father, Martin W. Mardis.
He was born May 31, 1921 in Fayetteville, Arkansas, and married Laura Harrington Mardis, my Mother.   They are both alive and well.
Their children (my immediate family), are Paul Howard, James William, Michael John, David Warren (me), and Stephen Earl.


grandpa.jpg grandma.jpg


His father, (my Grandfather), was Paul Lester Mardis.
He was born October 19, 1888 in Lisbon, Ohio. He died in 1969.
Paul Lester was married to Verna Louise Conner.
Their childred were Martin William, Thomas Earl, and Connor Marie.

His father, (my Great Grandfather), was Martin Luther Mardis.
Martin was born November 2, 1857 in Blacklick, Cambria County, Pennsylvania.
He died September 22, 1914, and is buried in Oakland Cemetery in Clarksville, Arkansas.
Martin was married to Hattie Leona Jackman.
Their children were LeRoy, Earle J., Percy P., Paul Lester, and Lessie M.


martinlu.jpg hattie.jpg


His Father, (my Great, Great Grandfather), was Joseph Duncan Mardis
An 1850 census indicates that he was born in 1826 in Indiana County, Pennsylvania.
He died in 1903 in Salineville, Ohio.
He was married first to Elizabeth Jane Mcnutt,  and then to Ellen Duncan.
His childred with Jane Mcnutt were Raymour, Charles W., Martin Luther, Catherine, and Elizabeth.
His children by his second wife, Ellen, were Amos, Alfred, and Eve.

His father, (my Great, Great, Great Grandfather), was Joseph S. Mardis.   He was born in 1789 in Franklin County, Pennsylvania.   He died in August 1843 also in Indiana County, Pennsylvania.   He was married to Mary (Polly) Berringer.
Their children were Katy, Susan, Samuel L., George, Sarah, Thomas, John, Mary, Joseph Duncan, James, and Raymer.   WOW, what a family!




His father, (my Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather), was George Mardis.   George was born in 1767 in Cumberland County, Pa.  His children by his first wife, Susanna Moore, were Joseph, Thomas, David, Elizabeth, Samuel, and Sarah.
His second wife was Catherine Staffell, and they had no children.
His third wife was named Eve??, and they also had no children.
George Mardis died in 1845.

His father, (my Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather), was Thomas Mardis.
It is believed that Thomas was born in 1749 in King George, Virginia. This has not yet been verified.  He married Elenor Cheeks in about 1762, and their children were George, Thomas, Anna, John X., Elizabeth and Sarah.
John died sometime before 1820 in Franklin County, Pa.


Now that's about as far back as I can go.   For those of you who have done some research on your own, please check your family records and let us know if you make a positive match!   If you have corrected or additional information for our pages, including pictures, please email me so that I may update our records.  Please include your source material so that I may confirm validity before posting.

NOTE:   There are GED files floating around the internet that show John Samuel Mardis as Thomas' father, and a William Mardis/Marders as John Samuels' father. (Both from Virginia)  I have not included these 2 generations in my lineage as there does not appear to be any evidence supporting this connection.  If you have documentation certifying this link, please let me know.

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