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Fourth Generation

21. Samuel L. MARDIS1 was born on 27 Jun 1812 in Franklin County, Pennsylvania. He died on 24 Jul 1881 in Buffington twp; Indiana County, Pennsylvania. He was buried in East Union Cemetery, Buffington Twp; Indiana County, Pennsylvania. Samuel L. Mardis was a native of Franklin County, PA., and came to Indiana County when young, settling with his parents in Buffington Township. His first employment outside the normal homestead was o the Pennsylvania canal, as a steersman, and he followed this line of work until he had saved several sufficient money to invest in 260 acres of land. As soon as he bought this farm he began operating it. As there was considerable lumber on his property he found it profitable to market it, and purchased two of the first steam sawmills that were in this locality, for the purpose of handling his lumber properly. These mills were located in different parts of Buffington Township. As business developed, he added property to his original holdings and cleared off a large tract of timberland. His operations were upon a large scale, and he became one of the wealthy and prominent men of his county.
Originally a Whig, when the Republican party was organized he found in its doctrines a good exposition of his political views, and he gave its candidates his hearty support for the remainder of his life. Aside from serving as a school director he did not enter public life, his personal affairs absorbing his time and requiring his close attention. Few men of his locality were more active in the Methodist Church than he, and he not only contributed liberally towards its support, but was steward and class leader, and carried into his everyday life the principals he professed in his religious creed.

Samuel L. MARDIS and Eliza MORGAN were married in 1845 in Indiana County, Pennsylvania. Eliza MORGAN2 (daughter of ) was born in 1813 in Pennsylvania. She died in 1883. Samuel L. MARDIS and Eliza MORGAN had the following children:



Eli Emerson MARDIS.



George L. MARDIS was born on 8 Sep 1847 in Pine Township, Indiana County, Pennsylvania. He died on 29 Apr 1863 in single.



Amanda J. MARDIS.



John MARDIS was born on 27 Feb 1851 in Pine Township, Indiana County, Pennsylvania. He died on 17 Nov 1878 in Pennsylvania.



Winfield (Scott) MARDIS was born on 21 Feb 1853 in Pine Township, Indiana County, Pennsylvania. He died on 10 May 1880 in Pennsylvania.



Harry (Sanford) MARDIS.



Jasper MARDIS.



Dr. Benjamin Franklin MARDIS.



Samuel James MARDIS.



Minerva MARDIS.



Agnes MARDIS was born in Aug 1867 in Buffington twp; Indiana County, Pennsylvania. She died in 1900.



Curtis A. (Curt) MARDIS was born in Feb 1871 in Buffington twp; Indiana County, Pennsylvania. He died in 1900.



Florence (Flora) MARDIS.


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